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Crackers, Lavenders & Syrups

Partners Crackers | Kent, WA 
PARTNERS bakes a wide range of delicious products, each unique in its own way. They use fresh, high quality ingredients to promote healthy living while maintaining a high standard of excellence and value. PARTNERS offers six different tasteful choice brands and more than 35 varieties of crackers, cookies and granola, including organic gluten free and low-fat options.  If you need smaller snack-size packaging for your gift baskets, this company has you covered!  PARTNERS' award-winning products are sold in all 50 states and around
the world.

Rustic Bakery | San Rafael, CA

From their bakeries in Marin County just over the Golden Gate Bridge, Rustic Bakery produces artisan crackers and breads to complement equally excellent food and wine.They bake everything by hand using only the best organic grains and seeds.They are low in fat,full of nutrients, and naturally delicious.

  • Flatbreads are available in 6 oz. boxes and 9 flavors including, Sweet Onion creme Fraiche,Wild Mushroom,Olive Oil & sel Gris.
  • Cheese Coins are 4 oz. packs with 4 distinctive flavors, such as; Blue Cheese and Walnut, Pesto and Parmesan, Cheddar and Pecan, and Original Savory.
  • Crostini are 4 oz. packs with 4 unique flavors: Hazelnut& Sultana,Walnut & 3 Seed, Tart Cherry & Cacao Nib, Pecan & Cranberry.
  • Cookies are 4 oz. packs with 9 scrumptious flavors to choose from( some are shortbread); Espresso Chocolate Chip, Almond Cacao Nib,Vanilla Bean Shortbread, Pecan shortbread and more.

Purple Haze Lavender, Ltd  | Sequim, WA

This lavender farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington has come up with some very imaginative value-added products that incorporate the abundant lavender crops that grow there. Culinary products include Culinary Lavender & Herbs de Provence in reusable tins; a mustard, salad dressing, & sugar with Lavender; a Lavender Lemon Pepper; even Lavender Honey & Lavender Chocolates! They also have plenty of lovely body care products like Lavender Spritzer, Lotion, Bath Salts, Massage Oil, Soaps, Dryer Bags, & Eye Pillows. And of course organic Essential Oils, Bundles, & Sachets.

D & D Sugarwoods Farm  |  Glover, VT


A full line of Maple Syrup products available in plastic jugs, metal tins, old-fashioned log cabin tins, and ceramic cruets. Also available packaged in gorgeous imported glass bottles with hang tag labels in many different styles. Maple sugar candy and granulated maple sugar also available.