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Baking Mixes

Rabbit Creek | Louisburg, KS

Rabbit Creek Products was founded in 1984 by Donna Cook and is named after a little creek that runs through the small eastern Kansas town of Louisburg. A 12-bean soup mix, made in her kitchen, launched Rabbit Creek into a food business that now has more than 350 different, distinctively packaged, gourmet mixes. These mixes capture the taste of old-fashioned cooking, reminiscent of county fairs and church suppers. Convenience, for today’s fast paced lifestyle, is the key to these products, which include packages of dry mixes that require only the addition of simple ingredients such as eggs, butter and liquid.

Some of the better selling categories of Rabbit Creek's products include Beer Breads, Wine Breads, Brownie Mixes, Vege Dips, Slow Cooker Meals, and Party Bags (slushie drink mixes - add your own wine or liquor!). 
They also have an excellent private label program, with no set up fees!

Krista’s Baking | Seattle, WA 

  Krista’s Baking Co. makes specialty baking productsusing the highest quality, organic and non-GMO ingredients. Here's what Krista tells us about her products:  "We  source locally whenever possible- including our non-GMO wheat flour from Shepherd’s Grain, a co-op of farms here in the PNW. Then there’s the very best quality, organic and fair trade chocolate chunks and cocoa powder from our friends down the road at Theo Chocolate, and our sea salt that’s harvested on the Oregon Coast by Jacobsen Salt Co. These ingredients, made by our friends, combined with our organic cane sugars and spices, and our simplistic packaging, make our baking products better than the next."
Krista's currently produces 8 unique baking mixes.  A few of these include Salted Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Rosemary Shortbread Mix, and a SmokedMolasses Cookie Mix. They also have gift pack which contains a Soft Pretzel Baking Mix paired with a small jar of Mustard & Co. mustard!  Rounding out the line are 3 different Infused Cane Sugars, including Vanilla Bean, Espresso, and Lavender Sugars, all in 14 oz clear resealable bags.